Revealing spiritual mysteries through writing fiction to inspire love for Jesus

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    Normally, I check the email once a day, six days a week.

    Envision. I write to help spiritually hungry people establish a rhythm of worship and live with a higher purpose.


    Under the monastic name of Brother Emmanuel, I am an Orthodox Christian monk with a background in the evangelical mission Youth With A Mission (YWAM). My expertise lies in Christian spiritual life, and I have served in full-time ministry since 2010 in the US, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.


    I write inspirational fiction interwoven with spiritual mysteries to inspire a deeper love for God, regardless of the reader’s faith in Him, and to awaken an awareness of the future of humanity. I’m focused on The Legend of the Divine Calendar novella series. In addition, I’m revising the “Kingdom Unit” Novel (working title), which includes the main character, Father Elisha.


    I also write nonfiction on “Ask a Monk” and provide weekly insights into the “Seasons of Salvation” (my blog).


    My spiritual father taught me nearly every mystery I’m writing about, and he witnessed to its truth in his own life. I honor him for his spiritual labor in uncovering these biblical principles of the Early Church.


    After having spoken with hundreds of strangers from other worldviews in the streets, in coffee shops, on the plane, and elsewhere about Jesus Christ, I respect every person whom I believe God made in His image. I reside in a Monastery in the US, belong to the Eastern Orthodox Church, and have a heart for every Christian, no matter the denomination.

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