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Revealing spiritual mysteries through writing fiction to inspire love for Jesus.

Brother Emmanuel

The Legend of the Divine Calendar

A Novella


Leo enjoys only one thing about his life, his freedom adventures in the North American desert. Until one day, that joy turns hostile. Alone and wounded, trying to find his way home, he stumbles across a mysterious man. Their meeting reveals an ancient mystery impacting all of humanity and sends Leo on a mission he’s the least qualified to accomplish.


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The "Kingdom Unit" Novel

Father Elisha

When an evil international regime outlaws Christianity, monk Elisha is labeled an “enemy of humanity” and becomes an unlikely rebel. Can a lone cleric stand a chance against an ancient evil, or might he be used of God to usher in the most glorious period of the church before the end of time?


The Da Vinci Code meets The Hunt for Red October in an inspirational end-time adventure thriller intertwining deep spiritual mysteries kept for our generation.


In revision.

Illustrations and artwork based on the story by Kyu-Sun “Emilia” Han

With quotes from the as-yet unpublished novel.

All rights are reserved.

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What does it mean to be a Christian?

  • 01

    Authentic Relationship with Jesus Christ

    Our life gets a new start when we realize our weaknesses and turn to Jesus Christ for forgiveness. Years later, we say, “Little did I know how my life would change and how real my relationship with Jesus would become—following Him transformed me.” Jesus overcomes us as we experience His loving intervention and His Spirit lifts us from within. A hatred toward sin increases, and the love of God fills us even more.

  • 02

    Citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven

    A new Christian enters an identity crisis. Receiving the Holy Spirit from Heaven, the believer feels like a stranger in this world. To unlearn the earthly life and live out the heavenly, the Christian reads the Bible, prays—especially in combination—acts in faith on the outcome, and seeks spiritual fellowship with other Christians. Gradually we taste the heavenly atmosphere, the realm where Jesus sits as King.

  • 03

    Fulfilling the Purpose for our Life

    Together with a new identity, worldview, and language comes our assignment, our mission. Nothing brings more purpose into our existence than following the unique calling God prepared for our lives. Few cross borders as missionaries, but God calls everyone to use their natural talents with new spiritual gifts to witness about the Kingdom of God. The training begins with asking, seeking, and knocking in prayer. Our life with Jesus starts with faith in Him, but never stops unfolding in this life or the next.

  • 04

    Actively Await the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

    When we look at the world, we feel something is wrong. The News presents snapshots of the human tragedy. But this will change. When Jesus comes back to end all evil, raise up the dead, and restore creation, He reigns forever with those who love Him and want to spend eternity with Him. This hope stirs the Christian to worship and good works. Death is the birth of the human soul’s eternal existence—that perspective changes everything.

Go Deeper?

“The early church is the answer to the questions and the solution to the problems of the end time church.”


We are Christians from different denominations and backgrounds.
We walk in the spiritual path of the Early Fathers of the Church which is an extension and continuation of the apostolic age.
The need today is for the Church of Christ to be reunited as one Bride of Christ.


The ethos and purpose of our ministry is to re-dig and restore the rich spiritual inheritance of the Early Church and pass this on as living water, teaching and life pattern to the Church of God, in order to restore the spiritual inheritance of the two sectors of the Church, east and west; and hence lead to the unity of the Church.

Scripture quotations are taken from the 

New King James Version®.

Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. 

Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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